InternaTional League OF ROBOTS

The consortium events at RoboLeague are face-to-face events that adapted the rules so that the participants can enjoy the ranking system: the proposed challenges have standardized the scope, scenario and means of documenting the robots' performance.
The first events to be associated to offer ONLINE participation to its participants were the TJR Torneio Juvenil de Robótica (Brazilian event) and the ITR International Tournament of Robots (about this international event).
Events were created to host teams of students from Spanish-speaking countries for ONLINE participation, such as TORNEO - Gran Torneo de Robots and teams of students from English-speaking countries for ONLINE participation, such as YTRo - You Too Robot.
RoboLeague is a free and open platform to host any events based on educational projects with a scope aimed at building robot prototypes, just for that, the interested parties must submit a request to be granted by the RoboLeague organization. RoboLeague is sponsored by TJR Torneio Juvenil de Robótica Institute.