InternaTional League OF ROBOTS


The Robot Performance Sheet, sent by the team responsible for organization, for the purpose of being part of the international ranking, will be sent to three referees from the Referees Committee for Validation and Resources.

The ombudsman will answer general questions about the arbitration and ranking process, while for each team, 3 referees from the commission will be drawn by the system to validate the score and time information provided.

If any appeal is requested, another collegiate of 3 referees from that committee will judge the merits of the appeal.

The Referees Committe comprises:


Aline Santos Martins (RJ-BRA)

Iviling Leal Meloni (RJ-BRA)

Lorena Martinelli de Azevedo Silva (RJ-BRA)

Jaral-Huana Farias do Espirito Santo (RJ-BRA)

Nádia Cristina da Silva Pedro (RJ-BRA)

César Augusto Rangel Bastos (RJ-BRA)

Eliane Gonçalves - (SP-BRA)

Izilda Maria Nardocci - (SP-BRA)

Vanessa Ianaconi - (SP-BRA)

Bruna Fusco - (SP-BRA)

Gabriela Nardocci Fusco - (SP-BRA)

Alisson Jorge Silva Almeida - (MA-BRA)

Christiano Rodrigues - (PB-BRA)