InternaTional League OF ROBOTS

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Robotics Competition for Anyone Anywhere


  • It is with great satisfaction that we welcome your curiosity and your interest in participating in the RoboLeague - International League of Robots.

  • We know that, for those who are passionate about robotics, the time to put the robot to perform its mission is the highlight of all the work.

  • After all, there is not a person crazy about robotics who wants to spend all the time just doing reports, just exercising their skills as an office bureaucrat: No, the vocation that brought you here is different! You really like to assemble, make mechanisms, tinker with sensors, motors, controllers and program until you are ready to test.

  • At RoboLeague you will test your robot and, by doing so, you will be able to compete. That's right: build the robot, test the robot at your place of activity and compare with the robots of thousands of other fans who have chosen the same challenge and want the top ranking of robots.




Participating Countries